The Gratitude Foundation

The Gratitude Foundation was formed in the fall of 2023 as an IRS approved 501(c)3 organization.  The mission of the foundation is to give voice to God’s Word in an ever challenging and even hostile social environment.  St. John the Baptist proclaimed himself to be a “voice of one crying in the desert, make straight the way of the Lord.”  At his birth, his father Zachariah, six months mute, was given his voice.  It was the birth of a voice.  The Gratitude Foundation is the birth of a voice, the voice of God taking on flesh in a new wilderness.

    After Jesus cured the ten lepers only one came back to give thanks to God.  And Jesus asks the question, “Where are the other nine, has only this foreigner come back to give thanks to God?”  These are some of the most haunting words of Jesus.  Where is gratitude?  Two thousand years later we must ask the same question.  There is an amazing lack of gratitude in our world today and an overwhelming sense of entitlement.  What a different world view this dichotomy projects!  

    Fr. Glenn is deeply convinced from his own experience that faith begins with gratitude.  In his words, “Only when we see ourselves as we truly are, God’s beloved sons and daughters, redeemed by the Blood of Christ; only then can we see the world through the eyes of gratitude, gratitude for a God who loved us into existence and does not want a world without us, and gratitude for His Only Begotten Son who took our place on the Cross and died for our sins, who rose from the dead to show us the gift of eternal life.  Only then can we begin to live a life in Christ Jesus.  Gratitude opens our hearts to union with Him.  

    The mission of the Gratitude Foundation is to follow the example of Jesus, to meet people where they are, not to judge but to love.  Jesus did not leave them where He found them.  He invited them to follow Him, to begin a journey with Him to the Father.  At the Last Supper Jesus prayed, “Father may they be One as You and I are One.”  The starting point varies from one soul to another.  The battle is the societal grip of entitlement.  The journey is with Jesus, through His Church and His Sacraments.  The journey is through His Altar of Sacrifice, the Table of Plenty where Jesus takes and blesses and gives thanks to the Father.  The goal is oneness with God.  Ultimately the journey begins with gratitude and ends with gratitude which itself is a gift from God.

Please join us in our mission of gratitude!